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2016 Results and Winners now posted!

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A picturesque corner of Northamptonshire hosts the World Conker Championships on the second Sunday in October every year. Thousands flock to the venue near the ancient market town of Oundle to watch this great spectacle as modern day gladiators fight for glory armed only with a nut and 12" of string.

Organised by Ashton Conker Club, the competition first took place in 1965 and has grown year-on-year ever since. Nowadays, teams from all over the world meet for the competition. The competitors play on eight white podiums in the playing arena and go through rounds until the winner emerges and is lead to the Conker Throne and crowned with conkers.

As well as being a fantastic fun family day out with stalls and sideshows, there is a serious point: to raise money for charities for the blind and the visually impaired. In 2010 the event raised £21,000, bringing the all-time grand total raised to over £408,000! This is with tremendous voluntary work by the organising committee, members of Ashton Conker Club and of course the players, stall holders, sponsors and spectators.

The next competition takes place on 8th October 2017. The opening ceremony begins at 10:30 a.m. local time and long range weather forecasts already indicate fine conditions.

There are separate Men's, Ladies' and Junior competitions. To enter the Men's or Ladies' competition, click here. Juniors can turn up and play on the day. Teams are more than welcome and there is a Team Award for the team whose members progress furthest through the competition.

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Conker Championship Weather Forecast

Here is the weather forecast for Oundle (including Southwick). It has rained on Conker Day just twice in 49 years!


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