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Enter the Conker Championships

King Conker David Jakins

Be honest, you’re never going to be an Olympic Athlete or play for Manchester United - all that time and dedication needed to reach the top can be a bit of a drag... but you could be the World Conker Champion simply by entering the World Conker Championships! Just think about the fame and the glory which you could attain without the aggravation of having to treat your body as a temple!

What’s more, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you have contributed to charities which help the visually impaired - about the only thing that we at Ashton Conker Club take very seriously.

Please read the following notes carefully, then complete and print the on-line entry form and make your payment.



53rd  Championships

This event has been held annually since 1965 on the second Sunday in October, near the market town of Oundle in Northamptonshire.  The aim of the event is not only to crown the Champion of the World but also to raise money for charities for the blind and the visually impaired. In 2010 the total raised was £20,000, this is with tremendous voluntary work by the organising committee, members of Ashton Conker Club and of course the loyal support of the players, stall holders and sponsors.

Please read the following carefully:

In 2013 the Men's and Ladies' groups were merged. The Men's winner is the "last man standing" i.e. the last remaining male player in the competition. The Ladies' winner is the "last woman standing" i.e. the last remaining female player in the competition.

There is a separate Junior Competition. No registration is required for under 18s, just turn up and play on the day.

There won't be funfairs and the like at the Southwick venue, as we are re-starting the competition on a smaller scale than we used to have. There will be some stalls and other attractions.

Conditions of Entry:

Address of Entries:

From April 15th 2012, we NO LONGER ACCEPT ENTRIES BY POST. Entries and Payments must be submitted electronically through this website.

Pay and Play on the Day

If there are playing places available on the day of the competition, you can pay and play on the day! Subject to availability.


All competitors please note that your entry is transferable and substitutes are allowed.

The competition has a limited number of places. Therefore you are strongly advised to complete your form promptly. Places cannot be reserved: only completed application forms and payment secure entry.

Team Competition.

Increase your chance of being a world champion, in fact double them!  Enter a team in the competition and you then have the opportunity not only to be the champion of the world, but also a member of the team champions of the world too!

All it takes is three more intrepid friends and you have the requirements of a team! The team champions will be presented with the RON MARSH trophy.

How many Players are there in a Team?

There are exactly 4 players in a team. No more. No less. You don't have to be part of a team to play in the competition, but it can add to the fun.


Competitors are advised to consider the following points before entering the Competition:

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