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Junior Conker Championships

King Conker David Jakins

Entry to the Junior Competition costs £1 a go. Simply turn up and play on the day. You may have as many attempts at qualifying for the second round as you like, but each attempt will cost £1. This qualifying round ends at 12 Noon and the second round begins.  If you miss your match being called, once each round has started, you may be disqualified (time is very tight and we cannot risk being late for the finals, which are played in the main arena).

N.B. ages for qualification are as at 1st September 2017

Under 7/KS1 & Infant

friendlies only - no qualification for the next round or final

Junior / KS2

Ages 7-11 Years 3-6

Youth / KS3

Ages 11-15 Years 7-11

Young Adult

Under 18


Some of the contestants will have pre-entered for the competition through schools or clubs, and will not have to qualify through the preliminary round, i.e. children who pre-enter through a school or club are put straight into the second round at 12 noon (the event begins at 10.30), and receive free entry tickets for themselves and one accompanying adult each.

If you would like to pre-enter your school or club, you can use the School/Club Entry Form (click the link at the bottom of this page).  In previous years, children from Stamford, Oakham and Peterborough have featured on several television programmes promoting the event, including Blue Peter and Linford’s Record Breakers.

Rules of the competition are strictly adhered to, and special stewards are on hand to ensure fair play. You will not need your own conkers, these will be provided for you. You will draw a conker from a bag before each match. You will not be able to see or select the conker you use beforehand.

If you reach the final, this is played in the main ring at around 1.30 to 2.00. This is always watched by thousands of people and covered by national press. Many of the competitors dress up in (some rather silly) fancy dress. The sillier you look, particularly on a conker theme, the more chance you have of getting on the television or in the papers. Bring some humorous information about yourself for the commentator to use if you reach the finals.

Remember that all the entry fees go to charities for the blind.

Competitors are advised to consider the following points before entering the Competition:

Ashton Conker Club is pleased to announce that the 2017 Junior World Conker Championships will be brought to you in association with
Crest of London

Click HERE for the Schools/Club Entry Form